Perbandingan Metode Koreksi Pencaran pada Data Hasil Alat Pemantau Kadar Glukosa Darah Non-Invasif


  • Siti Raudlah Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Mohammad Masjkur Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Kusman Sadik Department of Statistics, IPB
  • . Erfiani Department of Statistics, IPB



non-invasif, scatter correction, MSC, SNV, OSC


Scatter correction is one of the methods in data preprocessing that aim at eliminating the physical properties of the spectrum and reducing the variance between samples. The most commonly methods of scatter correction used are the Multiplicative Scatter Correction (MSC) and Standard Normal Variate (SNV) methods. The MSC method corrects the spectrum by utilizing the results of simple linear regression parameter estimation. The SNV method performs spectral correction with the median and standard deviation. Another alternative method of scatter correction is the Orthogonal Scatter Correction (OSC) applying the principle of orthogonality. The methods  used in this research were MSC, SNV, and OSC methods in order to correct the result data of non-invasive blood glucose measuring instrument. The result of this research showed that the time domain spectrum data and intensity had different amount so that the summarized data was needed. Furthermore, this research found that the OSC method with the five series of statistics gained a good correction result compared to the other methods. The OSC method produced a smaller average value of the variance than the other methods.



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Raudlah, S., Masjkur, M., Sadik, K., & Erfiani, . (2019). Perbandingan Metode Koreksi Pencaran pada Data Hasil Alat Pemantau Kadar Glukosa Darah Non-Invasif. Xplore: Journal of Statistics, 7(3).

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