Scan Statistic Hotspot Detection and ORDIT Ordering Based on Health Multivariable Data in Depok


  • Choirul Basir
  • Yekti Widyaningsih


Health factors and circumstances of residents in an area play an important role in determining the quality of
a particular area, which is related to the environmental factors and population. This paper focuses on the quality of the
measured area for several factors using Scan Statistic hotspot detection and ORDIT (Ordering Dually In Triangles)
methods. Scan Statistics is used to detect the hotspot area of an interest; and ORDIT is a method to rank areas based
on several variables. The factors (or variables) that be used in these study are the number of infant with low birth
weight, malnourished children under five, underfive mortality, maternal deaths, births without the help of health
personnel, infants without handling the baby's health, and babies without basic immunization in every public health
center area in Depok. The observation unit is public health center area. The results of this study show that the hotspot
tends to be in the eastern part of Depok City, while ORDIT ranking yield that the most severe area is in Sukatani
health center. The results of this study are able to provide the meaningful suggestion for The Local Government about
the ranking of severity in the area based on several factors. So that the local governments can adopt policies to
improve the areas that assumed as the most severe.
Keyword: ORDIT, SaTScan, Scan Statistic, Hotspot Detection.