• M. Yunus Sharia Economics Study Program, UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi, Indonesia
  • Asep Saefuddin Department of Statistics, IPB University, Indonesia
  • Agus M Soleh Department of Statistics, IPB University, Indonesia



group lasso, lasso, rainfall, statistical downscaling


One of the rainfall prediction techniques is the Statistical Downscaling Modeling (SDS). SDS modeling is one of the applications of modeling with covariates conditions that are generally large and not independent. The problems that will be encountered is the problem of ill-conditional data i.e multicollinearity and the high correlation between variables. The case of highly correlated data causes a linear regression coefficient estimators obtained to have a large variance. This research was conducted to make the statistical downscaling modeling using the lasso and group lasso for the prediction of rainfall. Group of the covariate scenario is applied based on the adjacent area, the high correlation between covariates and correlation between covariates and responses, and also the addition of dummy variables. Scenario six (grouping which is done by considering the covariates that have a positive correlation to the response is divided into 3 groups, 1 individual and the covariates that are negatively correlated with the response are divided into 2 groups, 1 individual) is better than the other scenarios in linear modeling without a dummy. Then, linear modeling with a dummy is better than without a dummy for both techniques. In linear modeling with a dummy, the Group lasso technique can be considered more in SDs modeling, because the difference in the RMSEP statistical value and the correlation coefficient value is significant.


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Yunus, M., Saefuddin, A., & Soleh, A. M. (2020). PEMODELAN STATISTICAL DOWNSCALING DENGAN LASSO DAN GROUP LASSO UNTUK PENDUGAAN CURAH HUJAN. Indonesian Journal of Statistics and Its Applications, 4(4), 649–660.




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